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Adipic Acid.
Adipic Acid Structure.

Adipic Acid is an organic compound of formula HOOH(CH2)4COOH. It is the most important industrial dicarboxylic acid: About 2.5 million tonnes are produced annually by the industry, mainly as a precursor compound for the production of nylon. Otherwise, this acid is rare in nature.

Preparation Of Adipic Acid.

Adipic acid is prepared industrially by (1) Oxidation of cyclohexane with air in the presence of a boric acid catalyst to give cyclohexanol ; (2) Oxidation of cyclohexanol with concentrated nitric acid to form cyclohexanone and then adipic acid.
Adipic acid is prepared industrially

The cyclohexane needed for the above process is obtained by the catalytic hydrogenation of benzene.

Properties of Adipic Acid.

Adipic acid is white crystalline solid, mp 153°C. it is slightly soluble in water, but soluble in alcohol and ether. It gives all the normal reactions of a dicarboxylic acid.
When heated to 300°C, it yields cyclopentanone.
Properties of Adipic Acid.
When adipic acid is heated with hexamethylenediamine, a polyamide Nylon-6,6 is formed by splitting out water molecules.
When adipic acid is heated with hexamethylenediamine.

Uses of Adipic Acid.

Adipic acid is used for the manufacture of.
  1. Nylon and polyurethane foams.
  2. esters used as plasticizers and lubricants.

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