how to earn money Zareklamy app

How to use Bee Network App

you have to download the Bee network App first

After that you guys have to open this app

After opening this app, you are also given via Continue with Facebook, you are also given with Continue with phone number.

So first of all you should do with the country with phone number

If you do this through Facebook, then this app is open now.

If you say by number, then you have to select your country, after that you will give your phone number, then you have sent s.m.s.

Then you will be sent an SMS

You guys will get a code You have to put that code inside this app

Then you guys have to click on continue

Then after that you have to enter your full name, then you enter the username, then you have to enter the referral code.

After that you will then click on the start button

Then your people’s app will be registered

After that you will be able to earn on this app

Way to earn

There are only two ways to earn money inside this app.

The first way you will be able to earn money

First of all, your people will be given mining inside this app, after every 1 hour you are given 0.50 Bee network.

And within 24 hours you are also given 12 Bee network

And you people have to open this app after every 1 day so that your meaning can start.

The first way is to earn you Bee network in the same way

In other way, you have to invite your friends on this app.

If you also invite a friend inside this app, then you will get 25 percent mining from your friend.


In this way you will be able to earn money from this app

Within this app, you have to invite people as much as possible and every friend has to share the referral code by you, if your friend applies the referral code then you will become you’re Friend a referral.

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