How to earn money online in pakistan

How to make money online

Friends, today we are sharing jelly fun earning app to you.

How to register on Jelly Fun Earn App

To register the Jelly Fun app, you people will need Google in it, if you have a Google account already created, then you will be able to register this app easily.

In this way, you will be able to register the Jelly Fun app with ease, after that you will also be able to earn on Jelly Fun.

How to make money with jelly fun app

(1)   Offerwall You will be able to get coins from here by completing 

(2)   In the second method, Watch videos and aren

Here you are given unlimited earning by watching ads

(3)   You will also be able to get unlimited coins from Red News and Get Coin.

(4)   Download App and Get Coin

By downloading apps from the play store, you will earn money from this app in the same manner as the apps you download, the more you can earn money from this app.

(5)   Scratch card and get coin

Within this app you are given 250 scratch cards daily. From each scratch card you get three

How to make the most money

(6)  Spain is also given to you people inside the jelly pipe. Everyday, within this app, you will be given 250 spans. From 1 Spain, you will be given 10 points.

(7) Apart from this, you are also given reservation inside Jelly fun, if you invite your friends inside this app, then share on April and bring friends inside this app and earn money by inviting from this app.

How to withdraw money from Jellyfun App

Paytm is given to you people here to withdraw money.

Apart from this, you are also given a PayPal account, through PayPal, you can withdraw money from this app.

Apart from this, you can also convert your Coin through PubG UC, if you Earn 1000 coins, then you can take 8 UC from this app.

And you can also convert your coins to Free Fire Diamond

In this way, you will be able to exchange your properties in UC and Diamond, apart from this app, if you want to withdraw your money, then you have to create an account of Paytm and Pay Pal.

In this way, you can also earn money from this app and can withdraw your money, click on the download given below to download this app.

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